Learn English Ads on NYC Subway

When I'm in NYC, I am on subways a lot. Other than people watching and reading, the only way to kill time is to look at weird ads on the train. It's gotten less entertaining because sometimes Budweiser or some other brand will paper the train with ONE ad and that's lame. Anyhow, I've seen other ads for "schools" that teach English. I'm always intrigued by these because they say things like "permitted under federal law to enroll immigrant students." What does that even mean? If you're an immigrant, that means you are in this country legally and can therefore enroll in whatever school you want. At least that was my understanding. I find those ads to be misleading and weird. My feeling is always that they are shady operations.

Anyhow, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I had major exams the last few weeks and I sprained my ankle on NYE. Sorry. More advice soon!

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